HDPE Pesticide Bottle

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Pesticide Powder Bottle

Price: 32.00 INR/Bottle

Best quality pesticides bottle available.

Product Image (14)

Tablet container

Price: 3.80 INR/Piece

25 cc tablet bottle container available for 25 gm powder filling in This size bottle container, etc.

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HDPE Bottel

Price: 5.60 INR

Best quality bottle for Pesticides and chemical.

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Liquid detergent

Price: 14.80 INR/Piece

500 ml and 1000 ml liquid detergent Bottel available .

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White Plastic Pesticide Bottle

Price: 19.50 INR/Bottle

50 ml to 1000 ml pesticide product availability in Colour cap plastic bottles .

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HDPE Bottle

Price: 15 INR/Carton

100 ml to 5 ltr. Pesticides bottle available in best quality.

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Plastic Pesticide Bottle

Price: 19.80 INR/Bottle

100 ml to 1000 ml best quality product available.

Product Image (05)

Jerry can

Price: 19.00 INR/Carton

150 gm to 320 gm weight jerry can Avelable


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